Dremel as Artist Tool

dremelJoin the Atlanta BookArt Collective as we learn how to use rotary tools such as the Dremel as we create our art.

If you already have a Dremel, please bring it to the meeting.

NOTICE:  The Atlanta BookArts Collective is now meeting at the Paper Trail Art Center (322 Patterson Avenue in Scottdale, Georgia).  It’s just off of Ponce de Leon, near the Dekalb Farmers Market.

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How to Make a Slipcase

slipcaseAnn Frellsen will be teaching the group how to make a slip case to protect books.

Tools and Supplies To Bring :

  • A length of a heavier paper or fabric (preferably paper-backed so the PVA won’t soak through) for the outer covering, about 13″ by 16″.
  •  A length of a paper for the inner lining, about 12″ by 14″.
  •  Cutting mat (16″ one direction would be best) or board you can use to protect table.
  • 18″ Ruler
  • Bone folder, Pointed if possible
  • Olfa knife, Scalpel or Xacto
  • Pencil
  • Glue brush
  • PVA or white glue (Ann can bring some to share if you don’t have any)


Ann is the Collections Conservator of the Emory University Libraries. She trains staff and students  in book repair, construction of protective enclosures for rare and unique collections, proper care and handling of books to prolong their life, and disaster recovery and salvage of library materials.

Ann’s specialty is conservation of books and paper, a well as disaster recovery and salvage of library materials.  She is a member of the American Institute of Conservation Collections Emergency Response Team (AIC-CERT).

In her other life, Ann an artist making books. She was a founding member of the Southeast chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, a nation-wide organization devoted to the promotion of all hand arts associated with books, including fine binding, calligraphy, letterpress printing, and artists books. She currently serves as the organization’s Librarian.


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Learn the Universal Language of Drawing


This short workshop, given by Serey Andree, is designed for those people who think they “can’t draw,” and for those who would like to learn techniques to improve their drawing skills.

Ms. Andree will begin the workshop with a brief lecture defining drawing in an attempt to remove its mystique.  If you can write your name, you have the manual dexterity to draw.

As the workshop continues, Ms. Andree will introduce various techniques, from elementary to more advanced, to help students access their right brains.

Materials will be supplied – paper and drawing tools – however, participants are asked to bring either a clip board or a small (9 x 12 or 12 x 18) drawing board.

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May Meeting

Please note that the May meeting will occur on May 5th instead of May 12th, because of Mother’s Day.

Susan Lightcap has had to reschedule her Tunnel Book workshop which she had planned on presenting at our May meeting.  It will be scheduled for a later date.  Members and visitors should plan on bringing their latest project to show to the group or a paper/book arts challenge they would like to discuss with the group for input.

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Blizzard Book

Blizzard Book2

Join the Atlanta BookArts Collective at our April 14th meeting when Jim Stovall teaches the group how to make a Blizzard Book.  This structure, created using simple paper foling techniques and featuring multiple pockets when complete, was invented by Hedi Kyle during a blizzard a number of years ago.  Hence, the name, the blizzard book.

Kyle began her training in Germany where she studied graphic design and
illustration, followed by education in bookbinding and book conservation after
moving to America in the early 1960s. She became Head Conservator at the New
York Botanical Garden and later at the American Philosophical Society in
Philadelphia, retiring from the latter position in 2003. For over thirty years
as a professional conservator, Kyle followed traditional practices for
preserving books and archives, but as a maker of artists’ books, she has always
been interested in using new materials and processes to transform conventional
book structures. She has also been a life-long educator—teaching workshops on
bookbinding in prestigious art venues throughout this county and abroad. Since
1986, Kyle has taught bookbinding at the graduate level in the Book Arts and
Printmaking departments at the University of the Arts.

Tools and Supplies:  Nothing special needed.  May be useful to bring something to cut with, like a pair of scissors,

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“Checkerboard” Book

Join members of the Atlanta BookArts Collective at our November 11th meeting as we learn how to construct the “checkerboard” book structure.

According to Betsy Palmer Eldridge, internationally-renowed bookbinder and  conservator, “The structure is a variation of the common cloth V-hinge structures used for stiff-leafed albums, but one that avoids their normal breakdown difficulties. The structure can be used in the restoration of Victorian photo albums or in the construction of new stiff-leafed albums.”

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Collapsible Box – Great Storage

This is a great container when traveling for a class.  It folds flat so it doesn’t take up much room and assembles in seconds.  It looks great when you take it out at class to hold your supplies while you work.

Please contact info@atlantabookarts.org by Thursday, October 11, to indicate if you will be attending.

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Readdressing the Built-In Groove Case

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The Art of Hedi Kyle

Atlanta BookArts Collective
Sunday, July 15, 2012
1:00 — 3:00 p.m.
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)
1600 Peachtree Street
Marcia Watt will be leading a discussion of the books and art of Hedi Kyle, one of the book arts field greatest contributors.  Many of the structures that book artist know and love where developed by Hedi.
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